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Just for You: Updated Member ID Card Guide

October 21, 2015 -

We’ve recently updated our Member ID Card Quick Reference Guide to help you easily identify your CareFirst patients.

What’s New?

  • Copayments/Coinsurance – We’ve added convenience care, urgent care and emergency room copayments so you can help your patients make the right choice for care.
  • Prescription Drug Program Formulary Indicator – Our member ID cards now identify your patient’s formulary. You can also view this information in CareFirst Direct.

Visit www.carefirst.com/providerguides to view our other reference guides.

Reminder: Avoid Returned Paper Claims

Professional paper claims must be submitted on the CMS-1500 form (version 02/12), which supports the ICD-10 diagnosis code set. Claims received on any other version of the form will be returned.

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