Provider Portal User’s Guide

Fee Schedules

The following provides step by step instructions to look up a Fee Schedule in CareFirst Direct.

CareFirst Direct Log in to Provider Portal

Log in to the Provider Portal at

Once logged in, you will see the CareFirst Direct home page and the ‘Member Search’ screen.

The tabs across the top will appear based on the access you have within CareFirst Direct. 

To begin the process of looking up a fee schedule select the  ‘Fee Schedule’ tab.

Important Note: To view Fee Schedules, your Office Administrator will need to provide you with access through User Management or you are able to request access within ‘Settings > View Access’ on the Provider Portal Home Page.

From the Fee Schedule Inquiry screen, you will complete the required search fields:

  1. Tax ID – Organization
  2. Select the Practice Name
  3. Select the Provider Name


Note: Based on the fee schedules you have access to, the Practitioner(s) name(s) will appear in the Select Practitioner Name field for you to select along with their Specialty. 

Once you have highlighted your selections, Search By fields will display

You can search by the Most Commonly Billed Procedure Codes, or complete a Single Procedure Code Search.

Once you have selected your search criteria, click ‘Search’.

Here is an example of a Most Commonly Billed Procedure Code Search.

Note: The information included here is sample data only.  




For a Single Procedure Code Search, you will enter the code (and Modifier if applicable) you would like to search for in the field provided and then click ‘Search’.

It will then show you the results for that specific code.

Note: The information included here is sample data only.